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What is bitfence?

BitFence is an early warning system for your organization’s Cyber security posture, it provides complete end to end vigilance for all your critical assets, delivering privacy, security and compliance mandate.

BitFence develops commercial software solutions in partnership with early adopters in the user community. By adopting this strategy BitFence is able to offer a product engineered for a production environment. By amalgamating the requirements of a number of early adopters facing Cyber security challenges, BitFence is able to create a universally acceptable product developed as a commercial offering, yet developed in partnership with the user’s needs, processes and information / data sets and tested in the user’s environment.

The company’s flagship product is called BAiAA™. It is modular and multi-platform based on Artificial intelligence and adaptive Architecture.

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“Classify Your World Securely…”

That’s the BitFence™ mantra when addressing cyber security challenges thus delivery of privacy, security, and compliance. Data is static, and that’s why at BitFence™ we firmly believe that the key to overcoming cyber security challenges are through - BAiAA™ user centric security is to control them at the source: the users.


Our mission is to change the way organizations interpret and apply Cyber security posturing by simplifying privacy, security and compliance through BAiAA™ (BitFence Artificial intelligence & adaptive architecture) Solution.


Our vision is to be the world’s leading innovator of cyber security solution that deliver: visibility, optimization, predictability, and business alignment.

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